Click to enlargeGreat for Motorcycles

This Kit has a special selection of "3.50" Micro Pads and accessories for the professional or the Do-It-Yourselfer. Specially designed for buffing or polishing in small, hard to get at places. Use for small touch-ups, Motorcycles, Jet Ski's and so on.

Kit Contains: One of each of the following.

Tuffer Buffer 4-PLY Wool & Synthetic curved edge Micro Compounding & Buffing Pad.

Spin Brite Single-PLY Micro Polishing Pad.

Yellow Speedy Foam Micro Buffing Pad.

Black Speedy Foam Micro Polishing/Finishing Pad.

DA Pneumatic Adapter. 5/8 No. 11 Tread to 5/16 No. 24 Thread

Micro Hook Backing Plate

Micro Buffing & Polishing Pad Starter Kit by S.M. Arnold noname7$18.95