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Lives are saved everyday by seat belts and air bags. Unfortunately, lives are also lost everyday when people become trapped in their vehicles or homes. After even a minor car crash, doors/windows or seatbelt buckles may jam.

Using LifeHammer: When you find yourself in a hazardous situation, and you have to get out of your vehicle... Simply take LifeHammer out of it's mounting by firmly pulling at the hammer end clearly labeled "PULL".

Hold LifeHammer by the easy-grip handle, with the hammer end pointing up.

Release the tightness of the belt and cut through a jammed seat belt by decisively pulling the seat belt into the knife slot and continuing to pull as the knife cuts through the belt.

Smash the side window by swinging LifeHammer like a hammer. The glass should break into hundreds of pieces; if it doesn't; try again harder.


Only use the LifeHammer in times of accidents for emergency escapes and not for any other purpose.

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