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Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEI), manufacturer of world famous Viper vehicle security systems, is proud to introduce the rugged new water-resistant Viper 200 Recreational Vehicle Security Systems. These systems are designed to protect all terrain vehicles, whether on land or at sea. (NOTE: This is not a submarine alarm - the system is water-resistant but not submersible.)

The Viper 200 is among the smallest and most technologically sophisticated security systems on the market today. Easily concealed, they are very flexible and can be installed virtually anywhere, with an extremely rugged water-and-shock resistant module and two tiny, waterproof Viper/Merlin transmitters, which feature a 3-year lithium battery and Clone-Safe™ Code-Hopping® with 18 quintillion rolling codes.

Each system features the Innovations 2000 Award-winning 514N mini neodymium Revenger® six-tone siren, a water-resistant PC board, on-board Stinger® DoubleGuard® shock sensor, LED, valet switch, tilt switch, parking light flash confirmation and Failsafe® starter kill.

Merlin Motorcycle Security System Alarm mermotsecsys$159.95